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    Engineering Changes

   My experience is that it is very easy to rough out parts.  It never fails to surprise me how much effort it takes to get the parts completely finished. There are so many engineering changes - some are small and some are not so small. Here is a short list:

 Fiberglassed panels to improve panel to panel fit - aesthetics
 Filled low spots with filler on all panels - aesthetics
 Repaired delaminated fiberglass due to uncured liquid foam - mechanical
 Remade the back-end of the car -  aethetics
 Lowered rear of front fenders - aethestics
 Ground down 3 layers of fiberglass because epoxy failed to set up - mechanical
 Front transmission cover redesigned - aethetics
 Trunk lid cut out and gutter lip made - new requirement
 Wheel wells in fenders modified to fit tires - aesthetics
 Sunroof cut out and gutter lip made - new requirement
 Roof raised - human factors
 Trunk enlarged to accommodate spare tire - new requirement
 Trunk lid changed to accommodate rear lights - aesthetics
 Cut out holes for headlamps in front fenders - aesthetics
 Hood hinge changed from front hinge to rear hinge - mechanical
 Removed lower grill support - not required
 Gas cap fit - aesthetics
 Brake caliper support bracket redesigned - mechanical
 Heater core changed to accommodate new repacement core - mechanical
 Grill support added - mechanical
 Kick panels enlarged - human factors
 Transmission cover modified to accommodate throttle pedal - mechanical
 Trunk lid modified to accommodate weather gasket
 Sun roof modified to accommodate weather gasket
 Door modified to raise smokers vent - aesthetics
 Door modified door accommodate door panel - new requirement
 Fenders modified to accommodate front bumper attachment - new requirement
 Reinforced hood to withstand hood springs - mechanical
 Converted manual clutch to hydraulic - mechanical
 Moved master cyclinder to outside of fire wall - mechanical
 Modified roof - aesthetics
 Redesigned emergency brake - mechanical
 Modified frame to accommodate antisway bar - mechancial
 Modified frame to accommodate fuel inlet - mechanical
 Modified gas tank support frame to accommodate top tank support - mechanical
 Modified front fenders to accommodate turn signals - mechanical
 Added inserts to inside of front fenders for gravel shields - new requirement
 Added inserts to inside of rear fenders for gravel shields - new requirement
 Added inserts to rear to accommodate cable clamps
 Added drain for convertible roor gutter - new requirement
 Enlarged drain for sun roof gutter - mechanical
 Changed curve on door panel - aesthetics
 Trunk lowered to add more room - new requirement

  Car as of March 2005. 

    Little did I know how much effort would be required to get all the panels to have a professional look and fit.   I've probably spent close to 4500 hours at this point.  Remember the devil is in the details. 

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